Top Tips for quick bites

Not all of us are blessed with being able to spend 48hrs on the bank every weekend. Here are our top tips for short sessions and quick bites.

1 – choose the right venue

If you only have an hour or 2 on the bank, you don’t want to be spending it on a 50 acre pit with a handful of fish. There are plenty of small day ticket or club waters that have a decent head of fish, give you the best chance of landing a couple of carp in a few hours.

Being familiar with the water helps, too. If you haven’t got time to scan the water for signs of fish, knowing the hot spots or areas where you have had success in the past will be a bonus.

2 – be quiet

You’ve got to the venue, you’re rods are rigged up and ready to go, then you crash about, bang in a couple of banksticks and scare all the fish off. Keep a low profile, use a pod if possible, and get on the spots with minimal noise and disturbance

3 – travel light

Be prepared to move. If its not happening in one spot, move to another.

An hour on the carp is better than 2 hours in no carp corner.

Having less kit makes you more mobile. You wont need loads of food, and take a flask of coffee rather than all your brew kit.

4 – keep your eyes peeled

See above. Keeps your eyes open and scan the water. If you see fish in another part of the lake then consider moving.

5 – be prepared

PVA Bags ready to go

When time is precious being able to get fishing quickly is important. You don’t want to be wasting time tieing rigs or making up pva bags. Before going, make sure you have everything you need ready. We like to tie up 10 or so pva bags and place them in a sealable sandwich bag to keep them fresh. Get to you swim, slip one on and youre fishing.

6 – one bite at a time

There is a saying you’ll hear a lot “You can put more in but you cant take it out”. When time is short, fish for one fish at a time. Rocking up and putting out 2k of bait is not only going to cause more disturbance, but will also mean the carp need to get through more bait before they get to your hookbait. This is where the PVA bags you tied the night before whilst watching EastEnders are going to be handy. A bit of extra attraction around the hookbait but still only a mouthful for Mr Carp.

A.T’s Top Tip.

Before you cast out, get that landing net made up and your unhooking mat ready. Follow our tips above, and you might not have enough time to do it before your alarms are singing.